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Date added: 2014-07-05 Length: 00:37:16 Rating:
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Description : Britney Bitch is an adorable Brazilian teen with a taste for the wild side of sex. When this all-natural girl meets older she-male Angel Cortez, it's lust at first sight! Young Britney worships Angel's throbbing lady-cock, and gets on all fours for a perverse ass-fucking from the tall transsexual. Angel tastes her new friend's pussy, and finally delivers the kinky cutie a mouthful of gooey she-sperm.
Date added: 2014-07-04 Length: 00:36:21 Rating:
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Description : Latin stud Alex Victor meets sultry, dark-skinned she-male Kelly Costa on the streets of Sao Paulo. The fishnet-clad cutie has a thick, uncut surprise for him inside her lacy panties. Alex buries his tongue inside the transsexual cutie's plump ass, then sucks her throbbing she-meat. Kelly wraps her lips around his huge cock and returns the service. Soon she's getting royally ass-fucked by her new boyfriend! After Kelly masturbates to orgasm, she receives a messy cum facial.
Date added: 2014-07-03 Length: 00:43:32 Rating:
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Description : Busty Brazilian she-male Julie Berdu meets Latin stud Alex Victor on the street and goes back to his place. Turned on by Julie's braces and huge tits, Alex hungrily devours her throbbing she-cock, shoving his fingers deep inside the thick trannie's big, beautiful ass. Soon he's stuffing her rectum with hard dick. Julie ass-fucks her new date, jacking her tool until it shoots onto her giant boobs. Alex fills her mouth with hot cum.
Date added: 2014-06-11 Length: 00:34:51 Rating:
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Description : Buxom blonde Mikki Lynn wants to be owned by a master, but no man or woman has been up to the task. Dominant, stacked TS Jessy Dubai rises to the challenge. She eats, fingers and face-fucks Mikki with breath control, pinching the slut's nose closed. After a sloppy blow job, Mikki deeply tongues the trannie's bunghole, and there's a spit-slick titty fuck. Jessy fucks Mikki, pounding her into the couch, and after pussy-to-mouth cocksucking, filthy-mouthed Jessy slams Mikki's asshole doggie-style. While porking her ass, Jessy manhandles Mikki's clit. Mikki masturbates, squirts and sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Finally, Jessy jacks her jism onto Mikki's tongue, and Mikki licks up the excess.
Date added: 2014-06-10 Length: 00:39:26 Rating:
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Description : Two second cousins hook up for a scene -- but the last time blue-eyed brunette Jessie Parker saw TS Gina Hart, Gina was a boy! Gina's red panties can't hide her penis. Girly Jessie's little titties are oiled up for Gina to suck. The ladies French, and Jessie blows Gina's prick with ample slobber. Gina eats and fingers pussy; Jessie gives a hand job. As Jessie buzzes her clit with a vibe, Gina fucks her. The dark-haired she-male withdraws to stroke a syrupy load of jism, which dirty Jessie spreads into her own skin. After more fucking, Jessie sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. Jessie pounds Gina's ass with a big dildo, which Gina sucks ass-to-mouth. With a vibe up her ass, Gina beats off again.
Date added: 2014-06-09 Length: 00:32:15 Rating:
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Description : Venus Lux, a hot Asian TS, hooks up with genetic girl Darling, a tattooed blonde. Both wear lingerie, fishnets and heels. As Venus shoots photos and flirts, her she-prick expands in her panties. Venus spanks Darling's meaty ass with a riding crop and smacks the big boobs swaying from her zip-up corset. Darling sucks cock and Venus sits on her face for a rim job and a slobbery face fuck. Venus bones Darling on her back, choking her throat. During a stern doggie-style pounding, Venus 'fish hooks' Darling's mouth. Finally Venus grips Darling by the hair and jacks jism onto her face and tongue; Darling licks up the mess.
Date added: 2014-06-08 Length: 00:41:14 Rating:
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Description : Kelly Klaymour is a pretty brunette TS with dark eyes and arty make-up. She flashes her nipple hard-ons outdoors and director Joey Silvera drives her through Hollywood to his place. She unleashes her tan, thick prick and strokes the turtleneck foreskin. Longhaired, girly blonde Tinslee Reagan French kisses Kelly, gives her a spit-slick blow job and fingers the she-male's butthole. Tanned, dirty-talking Tinslee tongues Kelly's anus and Kelly stuffs her thick prick into Tinslee's twat. The girls apply vibrators to Tinslee's girl holes. With a toy up her ass, Kelly's cock gets sucked sloppy. Kelly jerks a syrupy load of semen onto Tinslee's face and into her mouth.
Date added: 2014-06-07 Length: 00:40:50 Rating:
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Description : In frilly, feathered lingerie and fishnets, blue-eyed blonde TS Hazel Tucker dances for muscular stud Robert Axel. They French kiss and he sucks her big boobs. Robert kneels to deep-throat her little, clean-shaven erection and tongue her bunghole. She blows his black boner and sucks his balls. As Robert fucks her meaty ass, Hazel jacks off and licks up strings of pre-cum. She rides his meat, her own dick wagging, flesh slapping, and strokes a syrupy load all over his balls. Hazel tastes her own jism. She rims his ass, making eye contact with the camera, and jacks his jism into her mouth.
Date added: 2014-05-07 Length: 00:21:53 Rating:
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Description : Jasmine is a dark-haired, tanned Thai ladyboy in a black bikini. Her longhaired she-male friend Fanta sports big boobs that her bikini can't contain ... and a righteously huge prick! The girls make out and jack off together. Jasmine sucks Fanta's cock and when Fanta returns the favor, Jasmine grips her head. Fanta gives Jasmine an ass reaming as Jasmine masturbates. Fanta pokes Jasmine's greased anus with a vibrator till Jasmine jerks out thick rivulets of semen. Jasmine porks Fanta's butthole with that vibrator and Fanta furiously strokes sperm blasts from her dark prick.
Date added: 2014-05-06 Length: 00:16:17 Rating:
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Description : In her fashionable, lacy mini-dress and fishnet stockings, tanned Thai ladyboy Nat strikes a very femme figure ... even with a big, bulging protrusion making a tent in her dress and a dark scrotum just visible above her stockings. Director Joey Silvera reveals her big, globular boobs topped with pretty nipples and then a monster cock with its head buried in foreskin. Nat kicks back to jack off and fuck herself with a vibrator. She strokes till that uncut dick spurts semen onto her torso and rubs the sperm into her skin.
Date added: 2014-05-05 Length: 00:16:54 Rating:
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Description : Eve is a gorgeous, ultra-feminine Thai ladyboy with silky black hair. She seductively applies her make-up and lipstick, then teases director Joey Silvera's camera with her titties and the thick prick her panties can't contain. Eve lies back to massage her breasts and stroke her uncut dick. She nudes up and fucks her greased asshole with a pink vibrator. Eve jacks a load of girl-jism onto her tummy and keeps tweaking her nipple in ecstasy, finally breaking into a big, satisfied smile.
Date added: 2014-05-04 Length: 00:24:16 Rating:
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Description : Cartoon is an ultra-femme Thai ladyboy with a gorgeous face and a trim, tanned body in fashionable lingerie, fishnet stockings and shiny, leather heels. She teases director Joey Silvera's camera, showing off a lovely body ... and the huge, uncut brown boner that suddenly bounces out of her panties. She jacks her joint, greases up her scrotum and shaft and fingers her smooth anus. After a long session of stroking her thick, towering meat, Cartoon's uncut prick shoots dollops of white semen onto her shiny black shoe, and she squeezes more cream from her foreskin.
Date added: 2014-05-03 Length: 00:25:20 Rating:
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Description : Bee and Nicole are cute Thai ladyboys in black bikini tops, fishnets and cut-off shorts -- Nicole is darker, Bee has bigger boobs. They show their femme forms for director Joey Silvera's camera, then come together to make out, rubbing titties and lacy panties. Soon they're sucking breasts, jacking dicks, and then comes the cocksucking. Bee fucks Nicole with a dildo as Nicole jacks off, till she squirts semen from her uncut dick head. Nicole fucks Bee's asshole as Bee masturbates. Finally Bee squirts clear droplets of semen all over herself, and her curved boner bounces with no hands.
Date added: 2014-05-02 Length: 00:17:44 Rating:
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Description : Balloon is a feminine Thai ladyboy in a bikini top, fishnet stockings, heels and little jean shorts. She teases director Joey Silvera's camera, revealing a tanned, trim body with round titties and an insistent scrotum that no thong of denim will conceal. Balloon jerks her uncut, brown penis hard while prying a blue vibrator up her bunghole. She climaxes, shooting creamy semen onto her fishnets and rubbing the sticky sperm into the skin of her flat abdomen and bulging boobs.
Date added: 2014-05-01 Length: 00:22:17 Rating:
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Description : Namtan is a slim, feminine Thai ladyboy with straight, silky black hair, big hoop earrings and fishnet stockings. By a hotel room window overlooking Bangkok she teases director Joey Silvera's camera, showing off round titties, hard nipples and a tanned ass. An up-skirt shot reveals bulging, lacy panties. Namtan jacks her brown, uncut prick hard. She continues masturbating as she fucks her ass with a purple vibrator. Finally she jerks a creamy load into her hand and rubs the sauce on her torso.
Date added: 2014-04-30 Length: 00:25:48 Rating:
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Description : Nice and Gift are tasty, tanned Thai ladyboys in bikinis and fishnet stockings -- Gift has long, silky, black hair, while Nice is a shorthaired redhead with a big bulge in her panties. The girls make out, rubbing and tasting titties. Nice jacks her meaty, floppy brown dick hard; Gift presents her own low-hanging balls and jerks her penis erect. The girls suck each other's prick and jack off. Nice fucks Gift hard, with her leg cranked up to her head. Gift plows Nice's ass as Nice masturbates. Side-by-side they take toys up their rears. Nice shoots pearls of semen, and Gift blows a week's worth of cream.
Date added: 2014-04-29 Length: 00:21:33 Rating:
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Description : Jasmine is a gorgeous Thai ladyboy in fishnet stockings, heels and a black bikini that can't contain her bulging ball sac. The longhaired, tanned TS flashes her dark eyes and lovely smile for director Joey Silvera; she teases his camera with her titties, ass and big, hard dick. Jasmine jacks her curved, brown erection and fingers her bunghole before fucking her own ass with a vibrator. With that toy buried, she jacks pearls of jism from her uncut prick.
Date added: 2014-04-09 Length: 00:28:16 Rating:
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Description : Gorgeous Bianca Hills is an ultra-femme Latina TS in heels, fishnets and a slinky, black mini-dress that nearly reveals her secrets... In angry Portuguese she confronts studly Alex Victor. Bianca pinches his nose and drives his head down on her big boner. He deeply tongues her shaved ass and throws a vigorous, standing, doggie-style fuck into her as she furiously jacks her thick erection to orgasm. Bianca stays diamond-hard as Alex continues porking her ass and choking her. The bewitching she-male kneels to deep-throat his huge hard-on and jacks his jism all over her pretty face.
Date added: 2014-04-08 Length: 00:36:21 Rating:
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Description : Curvy, deeply tanned Jennifer Rios is a femme Brazilian she-male in stylish lingerie and fishnets that show off her bonus package. She strokes her cock hard, seducing Alex Victor. They kiss; he sucks her round tits and thick boner. Jennifer sits her big ass on his face for a rim job and a backward blow job before leaning forward to make it a 69. Horny Jennifer pounds Alex into the mattress (and he sucks cock ass-to-mouth). Alex nails Jennifer's ass as she masturbates. She creams his face and then jerks his jism onto her boobs.
Date added: 2014-04-07 Length: 00:45:20 Rating:
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Description : Danielly Colucci is a stunning Latina TS with long, gorgeously highlighted hair. She's working a Brazilian alley in a leather jacket and shades when 'officer' Alex Victor cards, cuffs and kidnaps her! He 'frisks' her shapely ass and strips her down to fishnets and leather panties with a tempting bulge. Alex blows her erection and shaved balls and tongues her asshole. She takes a deep-throat face fuck and, with Alex perched over her head, gives a slobbery rim job. They hammer each other's ass (he sucks cock ass-to-mouth). Riding dick, Danielly jacks out her jism but keeps bouncing. Alex cums on her tongue.
Date added: 2014-04-06 Length: 00:26:34 Rating:
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Description : Tanned Latina redhead Jessy Dubai looks tasty in a plaid mini-skirt and a bra that can't contain her round, deeply cleaved boobs; the playful TS' big boner pokes temptingly through lacy panties. Muscular stud Christian deeply Frenches her mouth, sucks her titties and deep-throats her dick. They share a 69 and he rims her butthole. Talented Jessy manages to suck his big cock while deeply fucking his ass! After a hard reaming she fucks his face and creams it; Christian jerks his semen onto her face they share a cum kiss.
Date added: 2014-04-05 Length: 00:45:03 Rating:
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Description : Stefani Special, a feminine she-male with long legs and piercing brown eyes, wears fishnets, a fetishy leather hat and tiny panties that can't contain her ball sac.TS aficionado Joey Silvera pairs Stefani with pretty genetic girl Jay Taylor, a bespectacled brunette with natural tits. The girls kiss, Jay sucks Stefani's she-dick and takes a fucking ride. Stefani blows Jay's strap-on, takes it up the ass and sucks it ass-to-mouth. As Jay masturbates with a magic wand, Stefani jacks off and eats her jism from Jay's hand.
Date added: 2014-02-05 Length: 00:42:51 Rating:
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Description : Dancing seductively in cute devil horns and skimpy lingerie, sexy Brazilian she-male Andrezza Lyra is a young, busty bombshell hot for Latin stud Tony Lee. Tony wraps his lips around the big-assed babe's stiff she-dick, orally worshiping her meaty member; she does the same. She thrusts her big boner up the muscular dude's tight bunghole, reaming his ass. After rudely sodomizing her boy-toy, Andrezza takes his cock into her plump booty and enjoys a passionate anal ride, climaxing with a spermy load on Tony's face. Finally, he titty-fucks the adorable T-girl and splatters her cleavage with creamy cum.
Date added: 2014-02-04 Length: 00:30:17 Rating:
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Description : Wearing a colorful, silky dress, curvaceous Brazilian T-girl Beatricy Velmont is a frisky, big-assed teenager hot for Latin stud Tony Lee. Beatricy strips down to her fishnets, and soon the horny couple is trading oral service, hungrily slurping each other's hard cock. The sultry she-male buries her stiff dick inside her boyfriend's tight ass, reaming him doggie-style. She rides Tony's big boner and sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Pulling her throbbing meat out of his bunghole, Beatricy spurts hot cum onto his thigh. She laps it up, then milks out another tasty load from his cock!
Date added: 2014-02-03 Length: 00:36:37 Rating:
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Description : Strutting around downtown in a fashionable, short skirt, sultry Brazilian she-male Nicole Bahls is a porn newcummer with a hunger for man-ass. Latin stud Alex Victor can't keep his hands off this sultry T-girl's big, firm tits. He buries his face in Nicole's ass and wraps his lips around her fat, throbbing she-cock. Soon Nicole is ramming her thick shaft up the macho dude's tight asshole. She takes Alex's meat up her sweet butt. The gender-bending fuckers suck each other's big dick, and each is rewarded with a tasty load of sperm.
Date added: 2014-02-02 Length: 00:32:49 Rating:
Like 50
Dislike 8
Description : Dressed in lingerie and fishnet stockings, sultry Latina she-male Vaniity squeezes her big, firm titties and strokes her juicy, uncut cock in anticipation. Pretty blonde biological girl Jessie Parker, unable to resist this TS beauty's throbbing she-meat, wraps her lips around the shaft and slurps Vaniity's stiff dick before riding that boner and buzzing her pussy with a vibrator. Jessie worships Vaniity's sensitive ball sack and rims her anus and anally invades the lady-boy legend's tight ass with a huge dildo. Vaniity spurts a hot load of gooey she-cum all over herself.
Date added: 2014-02-01 Length: 00:37:48 Rating:
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Description : Dolled up in stretchy fishnet that can't conceal her huge, firm tits, exotic Filipina TS temptress Eva Lin squeezes her globes and releases from skimpy panties her she-cock with its meaty foreskin. Sultry Asian she-male Venus Lux wraps her lips around Eva's stiff dick to slurp her girlfriend's shaft. Eva sucks Venus's throbbing boner in a wet, slobbery blow job. Next, Venus reams Eva's big ass with thick anal toys, making her sphincter gape. She butt-fucks the buxom lady-boy in a sensuous session of backdoor fun that climaxes with a hot, gooey load of cum in Eva's mouth.
Date added: 2014-01-06 Length: 00:27:34 Rating:
Like 96
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Description : Perky, young brunette Tegan Mohr is excited to meet busty she-male Aubrey Kate for some gender-bending fun. Tegan sucks on the tempting trannie's big boobs while Aubrey jacks her hard she-cock; soon Tegan is worshiping her new friend's stiff boner with her talented mouth in a sensuous, deep-throat blow job. Next, Tegan mounts Aubrey's shaft and rides, then kneels behind Aubrey's plump ass and buries her tongue inside the luscious ladyboy's rectum. Finally, adventurous Tegan watches Aubrey jack her boner ... and eagerly catches a hot load of she-sperm in her sweet mouth.
Date added: 2014-01-05 Length: 00:49:18 Rating:
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Description : Dolled up in a tight halter top and fishnet stockings, hot Brazilian she-male Bianca Hills is eager for male attention. Upon exposing her tiny tits and sexy tan lines, the transsexual tart services the erections of Latin studs Alex Victor and Tony Lee with her own throbbing she-cock standing at attention. The guys take turns blowing Bianca. This sultry ladyboy plows Tony's tight butt while Alex enters her rectum from behind: It's a gender-bending, ass-fucking daisy chain with lucky Bianca in the middle! Finally, Tony gets splattered in two loads of cum and Bianca drains Alex's sperm into her mouth.
Date added: 2014-01-04 Length: 00:33:54 Rating:
Like 98
Dislike 4
Description : Curvy, blonde Brazilian she-male Sheylla Wandergirlt is a big-assed TS teen; her firm boobs strain against her tight halter-top. The sexy, young creature does a cute dance, wiggling her plump, round bottom, then joins Latin stud Alex Victor for a gender-bending make-out session with some deep, sensuous cocksucking. Soon Alex is pumping his stiff boner inside this gorgeous ladyboy's sweet rear in a standing ass-fuck; Sheylla kneels and deep-throats his tool ass-to-mouth. He ferociously reams her rectum and tongues her gaping hole. Sheylla jacks herself off while getting sodomized and receives a mess of hot sperm across her tits.
Date added: 2014-01-03 Length: 00:46:27 Rating:
Like 76
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Description : Statuesque blonde Kessy Bittencour and thick, curvaceous brunette Danielly Colucci are lovely Brazilian she-males wearing skin-tight party dresses, high heels and fishnet stockings. The sexy babes take turns sucking each other's firm tits and wiggling their fat, uncut she-cocks. They're joined by stud Alex Victor for an intense, gender-bending anal threesome. The luscious ladyboys slurp on each other's throbbing dick, blow Alex's stiff prick and take turns getting butt-fucked. Danielly takes the handsome boy's cock up her ass while jacking off and orally servicing Kessy. The dark-haired TS ends up decorated with three spunky loads.
Date added: 2014-01-02 Length: 00:33:57 Rating:
Like 116
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Description : Gorgeous and fashionable, Brazilian blonde she-male Melzinha Bonekinha loves playing with straight guys. This slender, young transsexual applies red lipstick and dolls herself up in sexy fetish gear and fishnets, wiggling her cute butt for the cameras before lying on the bed and stroking her big, hard, uncut she-cock. Melzinha pushes a huge dildo deep inside her tight asshole and stretches her sphincter wide. Stud Alex Victor joins the teen for some mutual dick sucking, and she straddles his face so that he can tongue her nut sack. Finally, Alex showers Melzinha's tiny tits with hot cum.
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