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Nicolly Navaro

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Date added: 2012-06-07 Rating:
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Description : Buxom Latina Nicolly Navarro is a busty, sassy she-male. Walking the streets of Sao Paolo, she brings her plump she-booty to a nearby hotel. There she poses in colorful lingerie - then releases her uncircumcised she-cock from her panties and strokes her shaft for the camera. Soon Nicolly is getting her round ass dildo-fucked and her hard boner milked with the help of horny male Paulo Machy. Jacking herself to climax, Nicolly spurts hot cum onto her fingers... and licks them clean!
Date added: 2010-10-14 Rating:
Like 46
Dislike 3
Description : Jessica Taylor is a busty, gorgeous girl with a big, round, awe-inspiring booty; Nicolly Navarro is a sultry teen she-male. When these two Latina lovelies get together, there's gonna be fireworks! They take turns worshiping each other's tits, and soon Jessica kneels to slurp on her new friend's stiff she-cock. She straddles Nicolly's shaft and takes a ride, bouncing up and down, and the sexy TS anally violates Jessica. So the kinky girl straps on a dildo and brutally fucks Nicolly's ass. Finally, the tanned chick-with-dick decorates Jessica's big boobs with a creamy load of jism.