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Jessica Versace

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Date added: 2012-05-22 Rating:
Like 55
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Description : Ultra-feminine she-male Jessica Versace is a fine Latina beauty appearing in her debut scene. The aspiring porn starlet primps in front of the mirror, then changes into a glamorous dress and spreads lotion on her coffee-colored skin. She releases her hard cock from her panties and pumps the shaft with her left hand while squeezing her shiny boobs. Jessica bends over and invades her butthole with a glass toy, then strokes her stiff she-meat until she reaches orgasm.
Date added: 2012-03-27 Rating:
Like 143
Dislike 5
Description : Cherubic, petite Bruna Butterfly and tall, slender Jessica Versace are impossibly feminine she-male beauties who meet director Joey Silvera on the streets of Sao Paolo. These sensual Brazilian sweeties blow each other, stroking their stiff she-cocks, then team up with horny male Paulo Machy for a perverse dicksucking daisy chain three-way! Paulo milks their hard cocks like a dairy farmer, tonguing the Latina ladyboys' buttholes, and sinks his big boner in Jessica's and Bruna's asses, one after the other, fucking them until they ejaculate on themselves. Finally the lucky stud shoots his own load onto Bruna's round boobs.